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Post Abortion Help

  • Entering Canaan
    Entering Canaan is comprehensive post abortion ministry consisting of Day of Prayer & Healing, weekend Retreats and monthly Gatherings. It also includes a yearly "Mercy Renewal Retreat" which enables those involved in the ministry to come aside each year to grow more deeply in their healing and faith.
  • Lumina Hope & Healing After Abortion
    A post abortion ministry of Good Counsel, Inc., Lumina provides groups, retreat days, trainings, public speaking, & referrals to post abortion ministries, professional therapists and clergy.
  • National Helpline for Abortion Recovery
    We provide 24/7 confidential help and care, find the nearest abortion recovery program, resources available by mail.
  • Abortion Recovery International
    ARIN is an affiliate association, dedicated to connecting and assisting like-minded abortion recovery centers, programs and services; as well as individuals working within the field.
  • Bethesda The House of Mercy
    A community of hope and healing for those suffering after an abortion
  • Ramah International
    Assistance for those hurting from post abortion syndrome through communication, resources, and local referrals.
  • Project Rachel
    The Catholic Church's healing ministry for those who have been involved in abortion.
  • National Office of Reconciliation and Healing
    A network of researchers and psychotherapeutic professionals working in the field within the U.S. and abroad, consulting on the formation of post-abortion support services within secular and religious settings.
  • Rachel's Vineyard
    Rachel's Vineyard retreats combines a unique and creative process for psychological and spiritual healing.
  • Safe Haven Ministries
    Safe Haven is a peer site for those who have had abortions to find comfort, hope, understanding, and healing.

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