“For better or for worse” would seem to include the ugliness of our sins.

In making this commitment, we are free to be our true selves and to learn and grow in the love of God, trusting that the other person will always be there for us — even when, in our human weakness, we fail.

There are varied opinions as to whether a person needs to disclose a prior abortion to their future spouse before marriage. Some feel that if one does not, the marriage is not based on truth; while others advise, “Let sleeping dogs lie.”

But the problem is: Most often, an abortion experience is not sleeping but wide awake, impacting many different aspects of the relationship.

For the past 20 years, I’ve engaged in post-abortion ministry, both as director of Lumina, a post-abortion program of Good Counsel Homes, and as co-developer of the Entering Canaan post-abortion ministry. I have often heard anxiety expressed by post-abortive people who live in the fear of being “found out.” They are terrified that some day their spouses will learn of their abortions and stop loving them. This fear keeps them from being fully open and giving themselves completely, and this fear manifests itself by impacting intimacy in the relationship, both sexually and emotionally.

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